Scriptural Study of the Mass

Exodus part 2 Homework

Ex 15:22-25    The bitter water is made sweet by wood
Eze 3:1-3Ezekiel is told to eat a scroll that is sweet
Rev 10:9-11John is told to eat a scroll that is sweet to the taste, but bitter in the stomach
Mt 11:29-30The yoke of the Lord is easy
Ex 16:1-15Manna from heaven
Ex 16:32-33Some manna is kept in a jar
Dt 8:1-3God humbled the people by giving them manna
Jn 6:26-35Jesus gives the true bread of life
Heb 9:1-5The manna was kept in the ark of the covenant
Rev 2:17The one who hears receives the hidden manna
Ex 17:1-7Water from the rock
Eze 47:1-9Water flowing from the temple
Jn 4:5-10Jesus promises living water to the Samaritan
Rev 7:13-17The lamb guides the saints to the living water
Ex 17:8-13Moses prays for the Israelites in battle
Ex 18:13-27Moses appoints other judges to assist him
Act 6:1-6The ordination of seven deacons
1 Cor 12:27-31People are chosen by God for various tasks
Ex 20:18-21Moses approaches the mountain while the people remain at a distance
Lk 18:10-14The tax collector keeps his distance
Heb 12:18-24We draw near to Mount Zion
Rev 1:12-18John falls down as though dead before the presence of the Lord
Ex 20:24-25Do not cut the stone of the altar
Ex 24:1-11Moses ratifies the covenant
Heb 8:5The temple is a copy of the heavenly sanctuary
Ex 25:10-22Moses builds the ark of the covenant
Ex 25:23-30Moses builds the table for the showbread
1 Sam 21:1-6David eats the showbread
Mk 2:23-28Jesus refers to David eating the showbread
Ex 25:31-40Moses fashions the lampstand
Rev 2:1-7Jesus will remove the lampstand unless the people repent
Ex 26:31-37Moses separates the altar from the Holy of Holies
Mar 15:37-39The veil in the temple is torn in two
Heb 9:1-4The veil separates the Holy of Holies
Heb 10:19-21We enter through the veil of Christís flesh
Ex 27:1-8Moses builds the altar
Ex 27:20Olive oil is used for the lamps
Ex 29:1-46Ordination of Aaron and his sons
Ex 30:17-21Moses orders the laver for washing
Mt 27:22-25Pilate washes his hands of Jesusí crucifixion
Jn 13:1-11Jesus washes his disciplesí feet
Ex 30:22-30Oil is used to anoint the altars and the priests
Ex 32:1-6, 15-20The golden calf