Scriptural Study of the Mass

Leviticus Homework

Lev 1:3    Holocaust offering
Gen 22:2Holocaust of Isaac offered by Abraham
Ex 29:18Holocaust from ordination sacrifice
1 King 18:19-40Elijah and the prophets of Baal
Gen 8:20-21God smells the sweet scent of the holocaust
Lev 2:1Cereal offering
Lev 3:1Peace offering
Lev 4:2-3Sin offering for priests
Lev 4:13-14Sin offering for the community
Lev 4:22-23Sin offering for princes
Lev 4:27-28Sin offering for a private person
Lev 5:14-16Guilt offering
Lev 7:30-34Wave offering / Elevation offering
Mk 8:1-9Multiplication of the loaves
Lev 7:37-38Summary of all offerings
Sir 35:1-10The offerings of a just man
Lk 1:5-13Zechariah offers incense
Lev 11:39-40Uncleanness from a dead body
Jn 19:31-33Burial of Jesus on the day of preparation
Lev 12:1-5Uncleanness of childbirth
Lev 13:1-3Uncleanness of leprosy
Lev 16:20-22Scapegoat
Lev 23:1-3Feasts, especially the Sabbath
Lev 23:4-8Passover and unleavened bread
Lev 23:15-16Pentecost
Lev 23:23-25New Year’s Day
Lev 23:26-27Day of Atonement
Lev 23:33-34Feast of Booths
Lk 9:28-36Transfiguration
Jn 1:14Jesus dwelt among us
Esther 9:20-32Feast of Purim (esp. vv. 20-22)
1 Mac 4:36-59Rededication of the temple (esp. vv. 36-37 and 58-59)
Mal 4:1-6Coming of the prophet Elijah (or Mal 3:19-24 New American Bible)
Rev 22:16-21The coming of the Lord
Gen 7:11-15Noah entered the ark as it rained for 40 days and 40 nights
Ex 34:26-29Moses is on the mountain for 40 days
Mk 1:13-15Jesus fasts for 40 days before beginning his ministry
Act 2:1-47Pentecost
Lev 24:1-4Sanctuary lamp
Lev 24:5-9Showbread
Lev 25:1-17Sabbatical Year and Jubilee Year