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Revelation Bible Study

A Catholic Study of the book of Revelation
Held at St. Vincent de Paul Church, Peoria, Illinois

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References for Chapter 4

Is 6 (Heavenly court, four living creatures)
Ez 1 (Heavenly court, four living creatures, firmament, rainbow)
Dan 7:1-14 (Four destroying creatures, dominion of the son of man)
Ex 28:1-30, esp. vv. 17-21 (Stones placed in the vestments of the high priest)
Gen 9:8-17 (Rainbow in the clouds)
1 Chr 24:1-19, esp vv. 18-19 (24 priestly divisions, and 24 divisions of singers)
Ex 19:16-19 (thunder, lightening, trumpet, cloud, fire on Mt. Sinai)
Ex 24:1-11 (inaugurating the covenant; the 72 go up the mountain)
Mt 1:1-2 (beginning of Matthew: Jesusí human origin)
Mk 1:1-4 (beginning of Mark: John the Baptist crying out in the desert)
Lk 1:1-9 (beginning of Luke: sacrificial offering in the temple)
Jn 1:1-18 (beginning of John: spiritual perspective in the heavens)

The Four Creatures of Revelation

Animal Gospel Zodiac Month Divisions within Revelation
Bull or Ox Luke
(Sacrificed animal temple)
Taurus May Taurus with seven stars
(Rev 2-3)
Lion Mark
(John the Baptist crying out)
Leo August Lion
(Rev 4-7)
Eagle John
(Spiritual perspective)
Scorpio November Eagle
(Rev 8-14)
Man Mathew
(Jesusí human origins)
Aquarius February Pouring of vessels
(Rev 15-22)