Scriptural Study of the
Revelation Bible Study

A Catholic Study of the book of Revelation
Held at St. Vincent de Paul Church, Peoria, Illinois

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References for Chapter 5

Ex 32:15-20 (ten commandments written on both sides)
Ez 2 (eat the scroll with writing front and back)
Is 8:11-20 (bind up the testimony and seal it)
Jn 20:11-16 (Jesus standing who was slain)
Gen 49:8-12 (Judah is a lion holding the scepter)
Ps 141:1-2 (Prayer like incense)
Is 11:1-10 (The spirit on the Messiah with eyes and ears to judge rightly)
Ex 12:1-13 (The Passover lamb)
Is 53, esp. v. 7 (The suffering servant like a lamb led to the slaughter)
Jn 1:29-37 (John the Baptist points to the Lamb of God)
Ps 98 (Sing a new song of victory)
Gal 4:4-6 (Ransomed by Christ from the Law and adopted as sons)
1 Sam 18:6-8 (Saul’s 1000’s, David’s 10,000’s)
1,000 = “chilias” in Greek; 10,000 = “murias” in Greek like the English “myriad.”
Phil 2:6-11 (Even knee shall bow at the name of Jesus)