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References for Chapter 6

Amos 2:6 (For three crimes and for four)

The first six seals mark the coming of six trials: (1) war, (2) bloodshed, (3) famine, (4) pestilence, (5) martyrdom, (6) de-creation.
De-creation signifies the undoing of creation: earthquakes, sun, moon, stars, sky, mountains.
Note the presence of these signs in the “little apocalypses” of Matthew 24 and Luke 21:
Mt 24: (1)-(4) in v. 7, (5) in v. 9, (6) in v. 29
Lk 21: (1)-(4) in v. 10-11, (5) in vv. 12-16, (6) in vv. 25-26

Note also the circumstance in which these things would take place:
The temple torn down (Mt 24:2, Lk 21:6)
Sign that they should flee (Mt 24:15-16, Lk 21:20-21)

Zech 1:7-17 (four colored horses patroling the earth)
Zech 6:1-8 (four colored horses patroling the earth)

2 Sam 24:10-13 (For his sin, David must choose between famine, fleeing from enemies, or pestilence)
2 Sam 24:16 (God halts the pestilence at the threshing floor of Araunah, the Jebusite)
2 Sam 24:25 (David builds an altar on the site)
1 Chr 21:15 (God halts the pestilence at the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite)
1 Chr 22:1 (David dedicates this site for the temple)
2 Chr 3:1 (Solomon builds the temple on this site on Mount Moriah)
Gen 22:1-2 (Abraham took Isaac to be sacrificed on Mount Moriah)

Job 1-2 (Job suffers four tragedies and then is afflicted in his body)
Jer 49:34-39 (Elam will be hambled by the four winds, but later restored)
Ex 29:10-21 (Ordination of Aaron by pouring blood at the base of the altar and anointing Aaron)
Gen 4:1-12, esp. vv. 10-11 (The blood of Abel cries out from the ground)
Lk 11:45-51, esp. vv. 50-51 (The blood of the righteous must be answered for.)
Is 1:11-20 (Sins like scarlet shall be as white as snow)
Ps 51:1-9 (Washed of inquity, purged clean with hyssop, iniquities blotted out)
Gen 1 (Six days of creation: light, heavens, oceans, moon/stars, fish/birds, beasts)
Joel 3:1-5 (you may find this as Joel 2:28-32) (sun and moon darkened, Jerusalem is a refuge)
Is 13:9-13 (stars, sun, moon, earth are shaken)
Is 34:1-4 (heaven and earth pass away)
Lk 23:28-31 (Call for the mountains to fall on us)
Zeph 1:14-18 (Distress of those who have sinned)
Mal 3:1-3 (Who can endure the day of his coming)