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A Catholic Study of the book of Revelation
Held at St. Vincent de Paul Church, Peoria, Illinois

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References for Chapter 8

Lk 1:5-23, esp. vv. 10, 21 (Zechariah offered incense in the temple, a task lasting 30 minutes?)
Num 10:1-10 (Trumpets were used to summon the congregation or to break camp for war)
Jos 6:1-21 (The walls of Jericho were conquered by blowing the trumpet)
Joel 2:1-2 (The trumpet marks the terrible day of the Lord)
Mt 24:30-31 (The trumpet marks the Lord’s second coming)
1 Cor 15:51-53 (The trumpet marks the day of resurrection)
Ex 30:1-10 (Fragrant incense was offered before the ark each morning and evening)
Ps 141:1-2 (Prayers rise up like incense)
Is 6:5-8 (Isaiah’s lips were purged clean by a coal from the altar of God)
Ex 9:23-26 (The 7th plague, thunder, hail, and fire from heaven)
Gen 19:24-25 (Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire from heaven)
Zech 9:3-4 (Tyre was to be destroyed by being hurled into the sea)
Mk 11:19-24 (With faith, you can command this mountain to be cast into the sea)
Ex 7:14-24 (The 1st plague, the water turned to blood)
Joel 2:29-31 (A punishment of blood, fire, smoke, a darkened sun, a moon like blood)
Ex 15:22-27 (The bitter waters of Marah were made sweet by the wood of a tree)
Jer 9:12-15 (The people are punished by feeding them wormwood which poisoned the water)
Mt 27:33-34 (Jesus was offered wine mixed with gall, similar to wormwood)
Ex 10:21-29 (The 9th plague, darkness in Egypt)
Ez 32:1-16 (A lament of Pharaoh’s punishment, the pride of Egypt is humbled)
Lk 6:20-26 (Blessings and “Woes” in Beatitudes)
Mt 23:13-39 (“Woe” to the scribes and the Pharisees)
Lk 17:33-37, esp. v. 37 (Aetos in Greek can mean eagle or vulture)