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A Catholic Study of the book of Revelation
Held at St. Vincent de Paul Church, Peoria, Illinois

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References for Chapter 9

Lk 10:18 (Satan fell from the heavens like lightening)
Mt 16:18-19 (Peter is given the keys of the kingdom of Heaven)
Sir 48:17 (King Hezekiah built a tunnel to draw water during a siege)
Ex 10:1-20 (The 8th plague, locusts)
Job 26:6 (Abaddon, a word meaning destruction and synonymous with Sheol)
Job 28:22 (Abaddon, synonymous with Death)
Job 31:12 (Abaddon, synonymous with fire)
Prov 27:20 (Abaddon, synonymous with Sheol)
Gen 3:23-24 (An angel with a sword guards the garden of Eden)
Dt 29:15-20 (The curses of one who carves idols of wood or stone)
Ps 115 (Idols are blind, deaf, dumb, and mute, and so shall be those who make them)
Ex 9:34-35 (Pharaoh’s heart was repeatedly hardened against Moses and the Lord)

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