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References for Chapter 10

Ex 13:21-22 (God marked by the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire)
Ps 29 (The voice of the Lord thunders upon upon the waters)
Dan 8:23-26, esp. v. 26 (Daniel is ordered to seal up the vision which is for the future)
Dan 12, esp. v. 4 and 7 (Seal up the words while the witness raises his hands to swear an oath)
Col 1:24-29 (The mystery which has been hidden is made manifest to the saints)
Eph 1:7-10 (Christ has made known the mystery of his will as a plan for the fullness of time)
Ez 2:93:9 (Ezekiel eats a scroll of mourning, sweet to taste, then is sent to preach)
Ps 119:103-104 (The words of the Lord are sweeter than honey)
Mt 10:5-7 (Jesus sends the disciples to preach to Israel)
Mt 28:18-20 (Jesus commissions the apostles to preach to the nations)

Rev 5:9 makes reference to those ransomed from every tribe, tongue, people, nation, like Rev 10:11 speaks of prophesying about peoples, nations, tongues, and kings.