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A Catholic Study of the book of Revelation
Held at St. Vincent de Paul Church, Peoria, Illinois

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References for Chapter 12

Gen 3:15-16 (After the original sin, a hope for separating the woman from the serpent)
Is 7:10-14 (The virgin shall conceive and bear a son named Emmanuel)
Is 66:7-16 (Redemption will come as Israel is reborn; Jerusalem will give birth to a nation, a mother bears a son)
Gal 4:19-20 (Paul is in labor while Christ comes to birth among the Galatians)
Wis 2:23-24 (The devil’s envy of man made in God’s image and brings death to the world)
Dan 8:8-10 (Daniel’s vision of the stars being cast down from the sky)
Ps 2 (God says “you are my son” who will reign with a rod of iron)
Ex 2:11-15 (Moses flees from Pharaoh into the desert and takes refuge in Midian)
Jude 9 (The archangel Michael and the devil disputed about Moses’ body)
Dan 12:1-3 (St. Michael does battle while the righteous shine like the stars forever)
Jn 8:44 (The devil is a murderer, a liar, and the father of lies)
Mk 15:3-4 (Jesus was falsely accused)
Job 1:6-12 (Satan accuses Job before God that he will curse God if he loses his possessions)
Lk 22:31-32 (Simon Peter is to be put to the test and sifted by Satan)

Note: The saints have washed their robes in the blood of the lamb (Rev 7:14). The saints have conquered by the blood of the lamb (Rev 12:11).

Ex 19:3-6 (God bore the house of Jacob on eagle’s wings to save them from Egypt)
Dt 32:7-12 (The Lord is like an eagle that hovers over its young and bears them on its pinions)
Is 40:28-31 (The Lord renews their strength and bears them up on eagle’s wings)
Ex 15:1 (The Egyptians were thrown into the sea, unlike the woman who is protected from the torrent of water)