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References for Chapter 15

Lev 26:14-35 (Your punishment will be increased sevenfold while the land makes up for the lost Sabbaths)

NB: A sign appears in the heavens marking the woman clothed in the sun (Rev 12:1) and the dragon (Rev 12:3), and now the seven angels (Rev 15:1).

1 Chr 15:1, 16, 20, 27-29 (David plays the harp before the ark of God)

NB: The clear pavement in Heaven is described as a sea of glass in Rev 4:6 and now Rev 15:2.

Ex 15:1-18 (The song of Moses, praising God for conquering enemies in Egypt)
Dt 31:30—32:44 (Moses’ song warning that Israel not take the Lord for granted; that the Lord would punish but heal and redeem the people.)
1 Cor 11:27-29 (A cup of blessings or a cup of judgment comes upon those who are worthy or unworthy.)
Rom 1:18 (A cup of wrath comes against impiety and wickedness)
Ex 40:16-38 (The cloud of glory descended on the tent containing the ark.)