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References for Chapter 16

Comparison of the 7 seals, trumpets, and bowls

7 Seals (Rev 6-8)7 Trumpets (Rev 8-11)7 Bowls (Rev 16)
WarOn the land, burned 1/3 earthOn the land, sores
International strifeOn the sea, 1/3 bloodOn the sea, blood
FamineOn the rivers, 1/3 wormwoodOn the rivers, blood
PestilenceDarkening of sun, moon, stars 1/3On the sun, scorching heat
PersecutionDemonic locustsOn the throne of the Beast, darkness
Earthquakes, de-creationAngels from Euphrates kill 1/3On the Euphrates, frog-demons
SilenceLightening, thunder, quakes, hailOn the air, storms, quakes, hail

Lk 13:34-35 (Jerusalem has shed the blood of the prophets)
Mt 23:31-36 (This generation will answer for the righteous blood that was shed)

NB: Those under the altar cry for vengeance (Rev 6:9-10). The prayers of the saints rise up like incense while the coals from the fire are cast down to earth for judgment (Rev 8:3-5). Now, in Rev 16:7, the altar cries out that God’s judgment is just and true.

Ps 1 (The just are in peace near streams of water; the wicked are dry and withered like chaff)

NB: Those punished did not repent of their idolatry and wickedness (Rev 9:20-21). The beast has a blasphemous name written on its head (Rev 13:1). Now, in Rev 16:9, those punished curse God and refuse to repent.

Ex 14:21-22 (God gathered the water of the Red Sea to let Israel escape on dry land)
Josh 3:9-17 (God halted the Jordan River to let Israel pass into the promised land on dry land)
Ex 8:1-5 (The 8th plague: frogs)
1 Kings 22:19-22 (The lying spirit will be like a false prophet to lead the nations astray)
2 Thes 2:7-12 (a lying spirit will lead the wicked astray to their condemnation)
Ps 2:1-6 (The kings of the earth rise up against the Lord; the Lord remains king)

NB: Jesus comes to Sardis like a thief in the night (Rev 3:3). Now, Jesus is again coming like a thief (Rev 16:15).
NB: Jesus urges Laodicea to buy garments to clothe their nakeness (Rev 3:18). Now, Jesus urges the people to remain clothed so they will not go naked (Rev 16:15).

2 Kings 9 (Elish anoints Jehu, King of Israel. On the plains of Jezreel, Jehu slays King Joram, the son of King Ahab of Israel. Jehu slays King Ahaziah of Judah who conspired with Joram. Ahaziah dies in Megiddo. In Jezreel, Jehu visits Jezebel who is thrown down by her eunuchs. Jezebel is consumed by the dogs.)
2 Chr 35:20-24 (Righteous King Josiah died after picking a foolish fight with Neco, the King of Egypt. He died in the plain of Megiddo.)
Zech 12:10-11 (In defending Jerusalem, they will mourn the dead just as at Megiddo.)
Jn 19:28-30 (Jesus dies; “It is finished”)
Mt 27:50-53 (Earthquakes after Jesus’ crucifixion)
Ez 5:1-17 (Ezekiel cuts his hair; a third is burned, a third is struck with a sword, and a third is scattered. Jerusalem will be punished similarly.)