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References for Chapter 18

Jer 51:6 (Come out of Babylon before it is destroyed)
Is 21:8-10 (Fallen is Babylon)
Jer 21 (Israel will save itself only if it comes out of Jerusalem and goes into exile in Babylon)
Gen 19:1-26 (Lot must come out of Sodom before it is destroyed by fire)
Is 52:7-12 (The Lord calls the people out to be purified)
Mt 24:15-18 (The sign in Matthew to flee to the mountains)
Lk 21:20-21 (The sign in Luke to flee to the mountains)
Is 40:2 (Jerusalem is at peace because her sins have been expiated)

NB: In Rev 14:8, the angel proclaimed “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, that made all the nations drink the wine of her licentious passion.” In Rev 14:10, the angle spoke of the wine of God’s fury, poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. Now in Rev 18:6, the harlot receives a double draught in the cup that she mixed.

Mt 23:13 (The Pharisees should be a help toward salvation, but rather became an obstacle to others)
Is 47:6-11 (Israel’s pride believed she would not be harmed; loss of spouse and children come suddenly)
Ez 27 (The judgment of Tyre, a city of great wealth and possessions due to trade, but suddenly brought to nothing; the mariners, kings, and people on the shore lament)
Mat 18:5-6 (The millstone is thrown into the sea)
Is 62 (The Lord rejoices over Israel as a groom over the bride; the Lord seeks them out)
Jer 25:10-11 (Joy vanishes when the sounds of the bride, groom, millstone are all silenced)