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References for Chapter 19

Ps 150 (Alleluia! Praise for our God for his mighty deeds!)

NB: In Rev 7:9-10 there was a great multitude holding palm branches proclaiming salvation comes from God and the Lamb. Now in Rev 19:1, the multitude reappears praising God for salvation.
NB: In Rev 6:10, the saints under the altar ask how long until judgment avenges their blood. Now, in Rev 19:2, the blood of the servants of the Lamb has been avenged.
NB: In Rev 17:2, the harlot corrupted the rest of the earth with the wine of her harlotry. Now in Rev 19:2, the harlot is judged for corrupting the earth with her fornication.
NB: In Rev 14:11, those who accepted the mark of the beast would be tormented by smoke that rises up forever and ever. Now in Rev 19:3, the smoke from the judgment of the harlot goes up forever and ever.
NB: The 24 elders first appeared in the heavenly court in Rev 4. Now, in Rev 19:4, the 24 elders again appear praising God.
NB: In Rev 11:17, the 24 elders proclaim that God has assumed his great power and established his reign. Now in Rev 19:6, the multitude proclaims that the Lord God reigns.

Is 54:1-7 (The barren wife is blessed; the Lord becomes the bridegroom calling back the bride)
Mar 2:18-20 (The disciples do not fast while the bridegroom is with them)
Mt 22:1-10 (The kingdom of heaven is like a wedding feast)
Eph 5:25-32 (Husbands and wives: Love each other as Christ and the Church love each other)
Act 14:8-18 (Paul heals a cripple; those in Lystra try to worship Paul as a god; Paul tells them to worship God)

NB: Heaven opened so John could enter the heavenly court (Rev 4:1). Heaven opened to reveal the ark (Rev 11:19). Now Heaven opens to reveal the white rider (Rev 19:11).
NB: In Rev 3:14, Jesus is addressed to Laodicea as ďThe faithful and true witness.Ē Now, in Rev 19:11, the white rider is the Faithful and True.
NB: Jesus appears with eyes of flame (Rev 1:14), as the white rider has eyes of flame (Rev 19:12). The dragon wore seven diadems on its heads (Rev 12:3), but now the white rider wears the many diadems (Rev 19:12). The 144,000 had the name of the Father and the Lamb on their foreheads (Rev 14:1), whereas the harlot had the name of Babylon on her forehead (Rev 17:5), but now the white rider has a secret name inscribed (Rev 19:12).

Is 63:1-6 (God judges Edom; He wears apparel stained red because of the blood of those trampled by Godís vengeance)

NB: Jesus appeared with a sharp sword in his mouth (Rev 1:16, Rev 19:15).
NB: Jesus rules with an iron rod (Rev 2:27). The woman clothed in the sun gives birth to a son who will rule the nations with an iron rod (Rev 12:5). The white rider rules with an iron rod (Rev 19:15).
NB: The angels throw the harvest into the winepress of Godís wrath (Rev 14:19), as the white rider treads on the winepress of Godís wrath (Rev 19:15).
NB: The Lamb is called the Lord of lords and king of kings (Rev 17:14), as this is inscribed on the robe and thigh of the white rider (Rev 19:16).

Ps 149 (The faithful will share in the victory, binding kings, deposing the mighty)
Dan 7:11 (The beast is slain and burned up in fire)
Ez 39:17-20 (The birds and beasts will feast on the flesh of the mighty)