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References for Chapter 22

Gen 2:9 (The tree of life is created in the Garden of Eden)
Ez 47:1-12 (Water flows from the sanctuary to water the land with trees on its banks, bearing fruit monthly, with leaves for medicine)
1 Cor 13:10-13 (We will not see indistinctly, but face to face and know fully)
1 Jn 3:1-3 (When Christ comes, we will see him face to face)

NB: In Rev 1:1 and 22:6, we are told that the revelation must happen soon.

Dt 28:1-6 (Blessed are those who observe the commandments, blessed in all they do)

NB: In Rev 19:10 and Rev 22:8, John falls at the feet of an angel in worship and is told to rise.

Dan 8:26 (Daniel keeps the vision hidden because it is far off)
Dan 12:8-10 (The words are sealed; many are refined, but the wicked shall remain wicked)

NB: In Rev 10:4, John is ordered to seal up what the seven thunders said and not to write it down. In Rev 22:10, John is ordered not to seal up the words of prophesy because their time of fulfillment is near.

1 Cor 16:20-24 (Maranatha: Come, Lord Jesus)

NB: There are seven blessings in Revelation: