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Introductory Notes
Revelation 1 Notes

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January 14, 2006

Introductory Notes


Rom 2:5-10 (Blessings and Curses, Revelation)
Rev 11:1, 8 (Temple and Jerusalem)
Mt 23-24 (Little apocalypse of Matthew)
Num 32:13 (Forty year generation)
Mt 27:25 (This generation to pay)
Jn 19:15 (Caesar as King)
Mk 9:1 (Coming of the Lord)
1 Cor 2:6-10 (The age)
1 Cor 10:11 (The end of the ages)
Eph 2:7 (The ages to come)
Eph 3:9 (The mystery hidden for the ages)
Gal 6:16 (Israel of God)
Rev 2:9 (Synagogue of Satan)
Dt 27-30 (Blessings and curses of the covenant)

Revelation 1

Rev 1:4 The one who is being, the one who was, and the one who will come

apo ho on kai ho en kai ho erchomenos

Heb 7 (priesthood)
Ex 19:9 (coming on the cloud)
Jer 4:11-13 (coming on the cloud)
Mt 24:29-31 (Son of man coming on the clouds)
Mt 26:63 (Son of man coming on the clouds)
Act 1:9 (Lifted up in a cloud)
Ez 1 (Vision of the Lord)
Is 6:1 (Vision of the Lord)
Ex 28:4 (Priestly vestments, girdle)
Dan 7:9 (White hair and fiery throne)
Ez 1:7 (Burnished bronze)
Jer 10:13 (Tumult of waters)
Heb 4:12 (Two edge sword)
Is 11:4 (Rod of his mouth, breath of his lips)