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Old Testament Temple, Sacrices, and Feast Days and their connection to the Mass

The following talk was prepared for the Catechetical Summer Institute of the Diocese of Peoria in June, 2009.  This presentation analyzes the relationship between the Mass and the Old Tesatment theology of sacrifice.  The talk is divided into three parts.  First, a comparison between the Old Testament Temple and our current church and sanctuary.  Second, a comparison of the different kinds of sacrifices with the sacrifice of the mass.  Third, a comparison of the prinpal feasts and celebrations in the Old Testament calendar with our current liturgical calendar.   Click on any of the following links to play or download the talks in parts.

An outline of the items discussed in this presentation.

Audio of Part 1: Old Testament Temple
Audio of Part 2: Old Testament Offerings
Audio of Part 3: Old Testament Feast DaysTemple

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