Dies Domini
Study Guide
Questions for personal reflection:

I: Dies Domini -- Celebration of the Creator's Work

  1. In what ways is Sunday rest different from a day of work? (DD 9-11)
  2. In what ways is Sunday a time to gaze upon God in love? (DD 12)
  3. In what ways is Sunday a time to be detached from the world? (DD 15)
  4. How do I remember what God has done on Sunday? (DD 16-17)

II: Dies Christi -- Day of the Risen Lord

  1. How is the Resurrection reflected in our Sunday celebration of the Lordís Day? (DD 19-26)
  2. How is the joy of the early Church at the Resurrection present in our Sunday celebration? (DD 27-29)
  3. Do I see Sunday as an indispensible commemoration of our salvation? (DD 30)

III: Dies Ecclesiae -- The Eucharistic Assembly: Heart of Sunday

  1. How can a parish better teach the importance of gathering as a community on the Lord's Day? (DD 31-32)
  2. How can a parish make Sunday Mass the most important activity of the week? (DD 34)
  3. We have a duty to hear the Word of God. How can we better prepare to hear that word? (DD 39-41)
  4. We have a duty to participate in the Lordís sacrifice. How can we be better aware that we are called to unite our personal sacrifices actively with those on the altar? (DD 42-43)
  5. How can I make Sunday more a day of prayer? (DD 48)
  6. How can I practice works of charity on Sunday? (DD 48)
  7. How can I draw fruit from Sunday in order to bear witness to the world? (DD 45)
  8. How does time for family, social activities, and relaxation contribute to our understanding of Sunday as the Lordís Day? (DD 52)
  9. What does it mean to rest from unnecessary work and be detached from the world? (DD 48)
  10. Saturday evening Mass satisfies the obligation, how does one observe Sunday? (DD 49)

IV: Dies Hominis -- Sunday: Day of Joy, Rest and Solidarity

  1. How do we experience Sunday joy? (DD 55-58)
  2. How do we observe Sabbath rest as a true liberation, and not merely a legalistic requirement? (DD 63)
  3. Societal pressures tend to invade Sunday rest. What should society do to protect Sunday? (DD 64-66)
  4. How should we actively and heroically safeguard the Lordís Day? (DD 68-69)
  5. What fruits do we experience from Sunday rest? (DD 67)
  6. How are we concerned with the needs of others on Sunday? How can we share our Sunday joy with others? (DD 70-72)