Liturgy Presentations

A study of liturgical documents from Vatican II and beyond by Msgr. Jason Gray

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Presentation on Liturgical Documents

The following presentation was given as part of a 2016 adult education series offered at St. Thomas Parish, Peoria Heights, IL.

The Liturgy includes the celebration of Mass as well as the other sacraments and devotions in the life of the Church.
This adult education series examines the liturgical documents that have been issued during the Second Vatican Council and in the years that followed, in order to better understand the purpose of the Liturgy and why it is so important to the Church.

Session one:
The nature and purpose of the Liturgy (Why is ritual so important?)

Presentation text 1       Audio file 1

Session two:
Full and active participation (How do we participate in the Liturgy and ritual?)

Presentation text 2       Audio file 2

Session three:
Language in the Liturgy (Why is what we say so important?)

Presentation text 3       Audio file 3

Session four:
Liturgical architecture (What distinguishes a Church from other buildings and why is it important?)

Presentation text 4       Audio file 4

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