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A collection of Scripture Presentations by Fr. Jason Gray

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Discovering the Structure in Scripture

The following talk was prepared for the Catechetical Summer Institute of the Diocese of Peoria in June, 2008.  This presentation analyzes the structure of a variety of scripture passages.  A complete list of scripture passages cited in this talk is provided in the link below.  You may find it helpful to open the attached document in a separate window or to print it out before listening to the presentation.  The entire talk is approximately one hour and has been broken up into approximately ten minute segments.   Click on any of the following links to play or download the talks in parts.

Handout of all scripture passages cited in this presentation.

Part 1    10:33
Part 2    14:29
Part 3    12:08
Part 4    9:47
Part 5    13:00
Part 6    10:00

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