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The Priesthood in the Gospel of John

The following talk was prepared for the Catechetical Summer Institute of the Diocese of Peoria in June, 2010.  This presentation begins by considering the different functions exercised by priests in the Old Testament and the different models of the priesthood in the Old Testament.  Afterwards, the Gospel of John is examined with a view toward identifying these priestly images and themes, but from the new order of Jesus Christ.

A copy of the handout is available that provides a more detailed description of the different priestly functions and models.  In summary, they are as follows:

Priests had the duty:

  1. To lead worship, especially in offering sacrifice.
  2. To consecrate or make holy, especially in the forgiveness of sin
  3. To nourish the people by feeding them and teaching them.
  4. To be a mediator overcoming the separation between God and man.

Priestly models include:

  1. The Patriarchs and the first-born sons
  2. The priesthood of Levi and Aaron
  3. The priesthood of Kings

A list of verses cited in the Gospel of John is also available for those who would like to follow along.

Handout explaining priestly functions and models.
List of verses cited from the Gospel of John.

Audio files of the talk
Part 1 - Overview of the duties of priests and models of priesthood in the Old Tesatment
Part 2 - Prologue of John and Part 1, Offering sacrice in John
Part 3 - Part 2, Consecrating, making holy, and forgiving sin in John
Part 4 - Parts 3 and 4, Nourishing the people and standing as an intermediary in John

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