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Historical Overview

A brief history of the personnel assigned to St. Vincent de Paul Church since its founding in 1962.

List of Pastors and Asistants       List of Dominican Sisters       List of School Principals       List of Teachers

Religious Sisters  Years
Sr. Mary Eugenia1962-1968
Sr. Mary Laura1962-1966
Sr. Mary Karen1962-1968
Sr. Thomas Ann1963-1965
Sr. Mary Mathias1964-1968
Sr. Mary Assunta1965-1968
Sr. Carol Ann1965-1970
Sr. Mary Cabrini1966-1967
Sr. Mary Madeliene1966-1971
Sr. Mary Eileen1967-1970
Sr. Mary Josetta/Josita1967-1971
Sr. Rita Marie1968-1985  away for the 1973-1974 year and the 1976-1978 years
Sr. Mary Emelia1968-1972
Sr. Judith Ann1968-1974
Sr. Mary Bonita1968-1969
Sr. Francis Irene1969-1970
Sr. Mary Rachelle1970-1975
Sr. Rosemary McGuire1970-1971
Sr. Mary Helen1970-1977
Sr. Alice Marie1971-1972
Sr. Mary Therese1971-1972
Sr. Martha1971-1972
Sr. Rita Clare1971-1977
Sr. Mary Julian1972-1978
Sr. Clare Louise1972-1974
Sr. Mary Angelene1972-1978
Sr. Paula Marie1973-1975
Sr. Mary Maxine1974-1978
Sr. Ann Jeremy1975-1982
Sr. Agness Eileen1975-1977
Sr. Sharon Ann1976-1979
Sr. Margaret Mary1977-1979
Sr. Mary Paulette1977-1980
Sr. Dolorita1978-1979
Sr. Ann Catherine1978-1984
Sr. Maxine Riker1978-1979
Sr. Kristen1979-1982
Sr. Mary Patrice1979-1981
Sr. Mary Bernardine1980-1985
Sr. Frances Rose1979-1983
Sr. Mary Rosaire1981-1985
Sr. Mary Helena1981-1983
Sr. Mary Rosalina1982-1983
Sr. Peter Verona1982-1985
Sr. Barbara Mary1983-1985
Sr. Mary Ancilla1985-1986
Sr. Mary de Carmel1985-1987
Sr. Helen Klemme1985-1988
Sr. Victoire Ryan1985-1989
Sr. Mary Ventura1985-1990