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Selected Reference Documents related to the Code of Canon Law
Prepared by Monsignor Jason Gray of the Diocese of Peoria

Canonical Reference Documents

The following documents address selected issues in canon law.  Please click on any of the links below to access one of the following documents.  These documents are made freely available.

•   The Promoter of the Faith in Causes of Canonization
The Evolution of the Promoter of the Faith in Causes of Beatification and Canonization: A study of the law of 1917 and 1983     (chapter 1 - revised 11/1/2014)

•   Closing a Parish
Some canonical aspects of the closing and sale of a parish or mission     (41 KB - revised 7/25/2007)

•   JCL thesis resources
Documents and links that may help students writing a thesis at CUA

•   Causes and Proofs for Removal of a Pastor
This JCL thesis describes the canonical causes for which a pastor can be removed and the proofs which may be collected in the instruction of the process for removal    (439 KB - posted 6/13/2006)

•   Remuneration vs. Sustenance
The Impact of a "Leave of Absence" on a Cleric's Right to Remuneration     (23 KB - posted 5/3/2006)

•   Canon Law vs. Illinois Marriage Law
A comparison of canon law on marriage with civil law in the state of Illinois     (21 KB - posted 12/21/2005)

•   Structuring Dioceses     draft only
A Proposed Model for Structuring a Diocese and its Parishes    (43 KB - posted 12/7/2005)

•   Statutes
References to statutes in the Code of Canon Law     (66 KB - posted 11/12/2005)

•   Statutes Summary
A short summary of the above document listing the elements to be considered when composing statutes     (9 KB - posted 2/3/2006)

•   Religious Proper Law
Canonical Content to be included in the constitution and proper law of an institute     (18 KB - posted 11/10/2005)