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Selected Reference Documents related to the Code of Canon Law
Prepared by Monsignor Jason Gray of the Diocese of Peoria

Comprehensive Exam Preparation Questions

The following material has been assembled by students in my class preparing for comprehensive exams for the licentiate.   The following questions and topics may help a student review his general knowledge of the code in preparation for these comprehensive exams.

Major Topics that span multiple books in the Code

Important canons in the code to know

Specific questions based on parts of the code

Book I - General Norms    (revised July, 2007)
Book II - People of God
     Part I - The Christian Faithful (revised July, 2007)
     Part II - The Hierarchical Constitution of the Church (revised July, 2007)
     Part III - Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (revised July, 2007)
Book III - Teaching Function of the Church (revised July, 2007)
Book IV - Sanctifying Function of the Church (revised July, 2007)
Book V - Temporal Goods of the Church (revised July, 2007)
Book VI - Sanctions in the Church (revised August, 2023)
Book VII - Processes (revised July, 2007)

The following Word documents can be printed out on 4" by 6" note cards to help review parts of the code:

General Norms
Official Ministry
Consecrated Life
Teaching Office
Temporal Goods