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Scripture and Educational Presentations

A collection of Adult Education Presentations on Scripture or Church teachings by Msgr. Jason Gray

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Instructing a Cause of Beatification and Canonization A review of the norms governing the diocesan inquiry into the life of a Servant of God. A presentation given for the Canon Law Society of America
Lessons Learned during Weight Loss A reflection on the lessons learned along the way of losing weight: Eating a healthy diet, exercising consistently, changing mindsets for living a new life.
Religious Liberty in the United States A reflection on the religious liberty guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States.
Efforts to limit the religious freedom of Catholic institutions or individual believers are addressed.
Defender of the Bond A reflection on the origin and roles of the Defender of the Bond in causes of marriage nullity.
This presentation was made at the NW Regional Canon Law Conference on May 3, 2017.
Silence in the Spiritual Life A reflection on the importance of silence in recognizing the presence of God and in developing a life of prayer.
Silence helps us become recollected and develop the fruits of contemplation.
Silence is an essential element of the liturgy and is found in religious life.
Study of Liturgical Documents A study of liturgical documents from Vatican II and beyond.
Themes treated in this series of four presentations include:
The nature and purpose of the Liturgy (Why is ritual so important?);
Full and active participation (How do we participate in the Liturgy and ritual?);
Language in the Liturgy (Why is what we say so important?); and
Liturgical architecture (What distinguishes a Church from other buildings and why is it important?)
Mercy in the Old and New Testaments A presentation on the theme of mercy in the Scriptures. Presented in the context of the Year of Mercy.
History of Causes of Canonization A presentation on the history of the devotion to the saints from the time of the early martyrs in the first Century to the canonization of saints in the Church today.
Dies Domini A presentation on the Apostolic Letter of John Paul II on the Lord's Day. This presentation examines what the Holy Father teaches about Sunday as a day to keep holy and a day of rest.
Sacrosanctum Concilium A presentation on the Apostolic Constitution on the Liturgy from the Second Vatican Council. This presentation looks back to the renewal called for in 1963 and which is continuing in the new translation of the Mass today.
Scripture in the New Translation of the Mass A presentation on the elements of Scripture that are better reflected in the new translation of the Mass to be implemented in 2011.
Book of Revelation A series of presentations on the Book of Revelation. The reference materials and recordings of all 16 classes are available.
Old Testament Temple, Sacrices, and Feast Days and their connection to the Mass A review of the Old Testament Temple, Offerings, and Feast Days with a view to their connection to the New Testament Mass.
"How to pray through difficult times" A presentation drawing upon Scripture to guide a person enduring trials.
Scriptural Study of the Mass A series of presentations on scriptural passages especially in the Old Testament that relate to the Mass
Galatians 1-2
Galatians 3-4
Galatians 5-6
A series of three presentations on the Book of Galatians given in the year of St. Paul.
Structure in Scripture A presentation on the internal structure of several scripture passages with a view to better understanding the scriptures by reading actively and attentively.
Priesthood in the Gospel of John A presentation on several Old Testament models of the priesthood that are reflected in the theology of the Gospel according to John.

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